C-Library Kit


The C-Library Kit is Opticon's SDK for embedded application development, so that customers may customize the behavior of their scanners to optimize their use in different business cases. As the name implies, all development done with the C-Library Kit is in the C programming language. Once installed on a Windows PC, the C-Library Kit deploys everything that's needed to build a custom embedded application: compilers, source code files, build scripts, example applications and source code, libraries, documentation, API information, instructions for loading software and configuring cradle hardware, etc.

Supported Opticon Devices

The following Opticon devices utilize embedded applications that can be built with the C-Library Kit:



Renesas RX

The Renesas RX compiler is used to develop applications for our OPL9813, OPL9815, OPN2004/2005 & PX20.

WinARM GCC Compiler

The OPH100x, OPN200x, H13, PX25, and PX35 all utilize the ARM version of the open-source GCC compiler, WinARM. WinARM is included in the C-Library Kit, and can be installed at install time. It should be installed in the root of your C: drive.

Toshiba Development Tool TLCS900 C Compiler package

The DCL153x and OPL97xx utilize the Toshiba Development Tool TLCS900 C Compiler package. Please read the documentation supplied with this package to see how to install it. This compiler is available for purchase from Opticon or an authorized distributor of Toshiba products.

Microtec™ Research's Software Development Tools MCCM77 C Compiler package

The PHLs utilize the Microtec™ Research's Software Development Tools MCCM77 C Compiler package, version 2.2. Please read the documentation supplied with this package to see how to install it.

Current Revision Bug Notes

This can list some up to the moment bugs or fixes that software developers may need to know regarding the current release of the C Library Kit: Please refer back to this page to see if a known issue or bug fix exists before contacting technical support:

No Issues Reported at this time

Release Log

Version Manual Date Changes
2.38 (MFAV010R) 07/01/2022 C development kit release 2.38
- Update OPN200x PX20 RS3000 OS to V0048
- added GetBatteryLevel to RS3000 examples.
2.37 (MFAV010S) 07/01/2016 C development kit release 2.37
- Updated the manual, PX36 is added
- Added OPH500x (e2studio, RX compiler 16.1, small demo program)
- Updated all O/Ses for the different terminals to the latest version.
- Updated the lib.h, startup.o and startlib (if available).
- Updated all demo programs for the different terminals to the latest version
2.36 (MFAV010R) 11/14/2014 C development kit release 2.36
- Fix RX compiler path issues
- Many different RX_checksum.exe versions spread throughout kit : merge into 1
- Many different lib.h files for RX terminals : Merge into 1 lib.h for OPH1005/OPH300x/OPL981x/OPL97225-OSE
- Many different startup files : Merge into 1 per terminal type
- Many different makefile : Standardize ALL makefiles for RX based terminals
- Fix issues OPL9813 examples/demos and update sources
- Fix issues OPL9815 examples/demos and update sources
- Fix OPL9725-OSE examples/demos
- Fix OPH3000/OPH1005 TCP/IP examples
- Update OPN2004/5/6 and PX20 to OS version IBxV0032
- Update OPL981x OS version XBOV0110/XBPV0110
- Add OPN2006 to HTML help
- Add OPH3001 to HTML help
- Update lib.h and startup.o of OPN2004/5/6/PX20
- Add TCP/IP examples for OPL981x
- Add TCP/IP variant for OPH300x + examples
- Add OPH300x USB-HID demo
2.35 (MFAV010Q) 07/09/2014 C development kit release 2.35
- Added OPL9725 OSE and OPN2006
2.34 (MFAV010P) 04/29/2014 C development kit release 2.34
- Update OS of the following terminals:
-- OPH1005 XBPV0119a
-- OPH3000 XBMV0118
-- OPL9815 XBOV0107
-- OPL9813 XBNV0107
-- OPN2004 RBIV0024
-- OPN2005 RBIV0025
-- PX20 RBMV0024

- Added OPL981x internet library
- OPN2004 batch demo update to RFI37939
- Small issue in neto.c example for the OPH1004
2.33 (MFAV010O) 02/10/2014 C development kit release 2.33
- Update compiler issues for windows 8.1 RX_Compiler and Winarm compiler
- OPH 1004 demo update
- OPH 1005 demo update
- OPN 2005 Bluetooth application update
- Manual update
2.32 (MFAV010N) 11/06/2013 C development kit release 2.32
-OPH1004 demo update
-OPH1005 demo update
-Opn2002 batch demo update
-Opn2004 batch demo update
-opn2004 2001 simulatie update
-opn2005 bluetooth demo update
-OS updates: oph1004 oph1005 oph3000 opn2002 opn2004 opn2005 px20
2.31 (MFAV010M) 10/31/2013 OPH1005 updates & OPH3000 updates
2.26 (MFAV010H) 11/06/2013 - - Minor bug fixing - Updated the manual - RX_Compiler PATH Problem fixed. - Copyright year updated - Updated some OS files
2.25 (MFAV010G) 05/03/2013 - Removed all old product links. Updated the Manual
2.24 (MFAV010F) 04/12/2013 - Disabled products: CLK3000
2.21 (MFAV010F) 03/23/2011 - Added H13 / OPH1004 / H13+ and CLK3000 to supported functions
- Added H13 / OPH1004 monochrome 4 color support to functions
- Added FillRect and SetCursorColor to functions
2.20 (MFAV010E) 12/30/2010 - Application version for PX-25 should be "XFF"
- Updated OPN200x files / Appload / Neto32
- Updated: OPN200x OS; Updated OPN2001 simulation files for the OPN200x; Programming help; Appload; Standard OPL/DCL demo
- Updated kit files of OPL97xx
- Updated OS-es of OPL97xx, OPH1004 and PX25/35
- Added OseComm examples OPH1004 PX25 PX35
- Updated programming manual to version MFAV010E
- Updated startup object files and lib.h for OPH1004 PX25
- Added SetupOseComm32.exe to PC applications list.
- Updated Appload Setup.exe
2.19 (MFAV010C) 12/09/09 - Various fixes and additions to the compiled help file related to NetO32, CRD2000, and the OPN2002 and OPN2003
2.18 (MFAV010B) 11/12/2009 - Added function ShowJPG
2.17 (MFAV010A) 11/03/2009 - Added OPN2002 Bluetooth information
- Added functions InstallHeartbeatHandler, RemoveHeartbeatHandler, ApplicationSettingsMemorizing, and AddMenuOptionTable
2.16 (MFAV0109) 08/07/2009 - Added OPN2002 and OPN2003 to the compiled help file
- Added information about CRD2000
- Added functions Heap_CoreLeft, UsbStatus, GetBatteryVoltage_mV, SystemSettingsMemorizing, and ExecuteMenuLabel


Notice: The downloading and use of any Opticon software implies consent with Opticon's End User License Agreement.


Software Description Version Download
C-Library Kit The C-Library Kit is Opticon's SDK for developing custom firmware for many of Opticon's product families (OPN, OPL97xx, OPL98xx, OPH, etc.). Included find sample code, full application samples, library files, documentation, compilers for certain products and more. This download is a zipped collection of the installer and associated files. The Toshiba C Compiler requires a separate download which is located here 2.38 Download