See here for general information about the PX35.

Device Instructions

Firmware Loading

The following process is used to load firmware onto the PX35. Firmware for the PX35 is divided into three parts: the Bootloader, the OS and an Application file. All three pieces use the same instructions for loading, the only part that changes is the actual file you load. See the downloads section for all available files.

  • Setup and attach the cradle to the PC with which you will be loading firmware onto the device.
  • On the PX35 press together the three button below the display (UP, DOWN, and TRIGGER). This will enter the OS' System Menu.
  • Select the option to download Appl.
  • Select IrDA from the second menu.
  • Place the PX35 in the cradle (top down as always).
  • Using Appload select 'Settings' > 'Port' and choose the COM port the cradle is connected to.
  • Using Appload select 'File' > 'Download' and choose the file you wish to load.
  • Wait until Appload reports success, you can now remove the PX35 from the cradle.


The PX35 firmware is split into two levels, an Operating System and an Application. The Operating System Exposes the functions of the hardware to the Application level firmware, and the Application determines how the device behaves. The Operating System is developed and maintained solely by Opticon, however anyone can make an application for the PX35 using using Opticon's C-Library Kit and the included GCC WinArm Compiler.

Bluetooth Real Time Scanning

If you are looking to use the PX35 in a bluetooth real-time scanning mode then you will want to load Application [[#Downloads|XFF3668_ on the product.

If possible request this at the time of order so our production department can do this for you.


Notice: The downloading and use of any Opticon software implies consent with Opticon's End User License Agreement.


Document Description Version Download
Quick Start Guide - Generic This is the QSG that comes in the box. Download
User Manual This manual contains detailed information regarding the PX35 hardware, charging methods, accessories, and other more generic details. Download
Application Manual XFF3560x This manual is intended to assist the end user in using the default application when loaded on the PX35. Download
Application Manual XFF3092x This manual is intended to assist the end user in using the OPL972x default application when loaded on the PX35. Download
Application Manual XFF3668x This manual is intended to assist the end user in using the Bluetooth application when loaded on the PX35. Download
Application Manual XFF3669x This manual is intended to assist the end user in using the Image Capture application when loaded on the PX35. Download
DataSheet Technical details at a glance. Download
Universal Menu Book The Universal Menu Book is a document containing instructions and configuration options for the majority of Opticon's products. Support of the commands in this manual is product specific. A must read for System Integrators. In effect this is the User Manual for all of Opticon's products that do not have a User Manual of their own and a supplement to all others. December 2009 Download


Software Description Version Download
Appload Appload Is Opticon's multi-purpose firmware update utility. It is a Windows PC application that provides the capability to download firmware onto most Opticon products. It also contains a versatile terminal interface that allows serial communication to any serial port connected to the PC (be it RS232, USB-VCP or Bluetooth-SPP). Opticon products can be queried and configured in this manner. EAGV0177
NetO32 A PC application implementing the NetO protocol to transfer files from the PC to the terminal barcode reader. EGF2001H ( Download
Firmware: OS This is the latest Operating System firmware file for the PX35. XBFV0213 Download
Firmware: Application - USA Standard XFD3092_ This is the standard application running on all PX35s from our warehouse. It supports a large variety of barcode symbologies (which ones are configurable). Data is stored as a database including the barcode data scanned, the number of times that barcode has been scanned (with optional user quantity input) and the date and time the last entry was updated). This application is similar to the application running on our OPL97__ data collectors. Note: bluetooth capabilities have not been added to this application. XFD3092I Download
Firmware: Application - USA Standard This is the old standard application. This application is intended to demonstrate the features and functions of the PX-­-35 in an inventory-­-style scenario. With this scenario in mind the PX-­-35 (with this application installed) behaves in very specific ways as detailed in the manual for this applicaiton. XFF35600 Download
Firmware: Application - Bluetooth This application allows the user to connect as a HID or SPP, master or slave using Bluetooth. XFF36682 Download
Firmware: Application - Camera An application which takes a picture on the PX35. And save this image on the hard drive and transmit it using Net0. XFF36690 Download


Driver Description Version Download
All-In-One PC Drivers USB-to-serial drivers installer package for 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows XP (32-bit only), Vista 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. This package contains four drivers. The first and fourth drivers are for the Opticon cradles. The second driver is for the OPN200x scanners along with many other Opticon products. The third driver is an ATEN driver for a popular RS232 <-> USB-VCP adapter. You can choose any of the drivers to install on the first screen of the installer program. *Note: Opticon USB Drivers may not install or operate correctly if FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) is enabled on your host computer* 1.615 Download