Mac OS X

Mac OS X, is the current version of the operating system used on Apple Macintosh computers. Opticon manufactures and sells a variety of cabled and Bluetooth capable barcode scanners that can be used with the Mac OS X operating system. Mac OS X is capable of interfacing with Opticon barcode scanners using the following interfaces; USB-HID (keyboard), USB-VCP, Bluetooth HID, and Bluetooth VCP. Additionally a serial to USB adapter can be used to turn connect a barcode scanner with an RS232 interface as a USB-VCP device.


USB-HID is the easiest and most common way to connect a cabled Opticon Barcode scanner to a computer. USB-HID is an acronym that stands for Universal Serial Bus Human Interface Device. Chances are you use other USB-HID devices such as a USB keyboard every day. Setting up your Opticon Barcode scanner as a USB-HID device is usually as easy as plugging it in and scanning your barcode.

Bluetooth HID

To use a Bluetooth HID capable barcode scanner such as the OPN2002, OPR3301, OPI3301 or PX35 with OS X, one must first pair the computer with the barcode scanner. Once properly paired as a Bluetooth HID device you can scan barcodes and have them show up on the screen as if the device was a USB-HID device.


USB-VCP is a less common method for using a cabled barcode scanner with an Apple Macintosh Computer. USB-VCP stands for Universal Serial Bus Virtual Communications Port. To do something useful with a barcode scanner presenting itself as a serial port, you must have something listening to the serial port. USB-VCP has one very large advantage over USB-HID, with USB-VCP you have two way communication. This gives you the ability to control the barcode scanner without physically interacting with it. Software intended to be implemented in a manner that leaves the barcode scanner unattended usually places value two way communication.

OPN Mac Demo

Similar to the PC companion application this version is for the Macintosh OS X platform. download

OpticonRL for Mac

Opticon provides a free utility called OpticonRL, OpticonRL is an application that converts barcode data coming over a serial port into key presses. In effect, the barcode data is wedged into whatever application is at the forefront and has text focus, as if it were typed.

  1. Download and install OpticonRL for Mac from this link Download .
  2. Launch OpticonRL.
  3. In the menu bar select "Opticon RL for Mac OS X", then select "Preferences".
    OpticonRL Mac Preferences.png|
  4. In the preferences window select the appropriate device name, and check the "Enable" box.
    OpticonRL Mac Menu.png|
  5. Now place your cursor in a text field and scan a barcode. I scanned my business card.
    OpticonRL Mac Output.png|
  6. If you have any further questions or concerns contact Opticon Technical support using the link on the left.

Bluetooth VCP

Bluetooth VCP functions in a very similar way to USB-VCP, the major exception being that bluetooth pairing must be accomplished.


Notice: The downloading and use of any Opticon software implies consent with Opticon's End User License Agreement.


Document Description Version Download
Quick Access Barcodes for using the OPN2003 with a Mac This document contains barcodes that allow you to quickly change between using the OPN2003 as an HID scanner and using the OPN-2003 Macintosh Companion Application. Download


Software Description Version Download
Apple MacOS Version 10.15
Demo Application
This is the latest Mac OS version of the popular OPN 2001 Companion Application.
Download this for the most recent version.
Apple MacOS Version 10.14
Demo Application
This is the previous Mac OS version of the popular OPN 2001 Companion Application.
Download this version if the latest version does not run on your Mac OS machine.
OPN-2003 Macintosh Companion Application Similar to the PC companion application this version is for the Macintosh OS X platform. Download


Driver Description Version Download
Macintosh User Mode Driver This driver is not required for Macintosh end users. This driver file is intended for system developers to include in their application package. See the SDK linked above for documentation and usage instructions. Download