iOS, is the operating system used on Apple iPhone, and iPad. Opticon manufactures and sells a variety of Bluetooth capable barcode scanners that can be used with iOS. iOS is capable of interfacing with Opticon barcode scanners using Bluetooth HID. Not all Opticon bluetooth capable barcode scanners are capable of the Bluetooth HID interface, however most of the bluetooth barcode scanners we currently sell (not legacy products) are capable of bluetooth HID. Most notably among the Bluetooth HID capable are the OPN2002, OPR3301, and the PX35. The OPN2002 is by far the most popular to use with the iPhone and iPad because of its small form factor and its ability to toggle the iOS virtual keyboard using the function key.

iOS Companion Scanner Video Tutorial

A video turorial of how to use the OPN2002 with an iOS device can be found here.


Document Description Download
Quick Start Guide - iPhone/iPad This Quick Start Guide is ideal for those who will be pairing their OPN-2002 with an Apple iPad or iPhone. Minimum firmware version for iPhone/iPad virtual keyboard toggle feature requires firmware RBGV0216 or later. See the Upgrade instructions on this page for details on how to update your unit. Download