The OPL9725-OSE is a direct replacement for the original OPL9725. The microprocessor is now ARM-based and uses the RX-Compiler provided in the C-Library SDK kit. This OPL9725-OSE data terminal is a portable batch-mode laser bar code scanner. It features a real-time clock and an easy-to-use one-key keypad. The scanner is ideal for retail, logistics or inventory applications.

The OPL9725-OSE is also programmable. The OPL9725-OSE stores data on-board for later transfer via IrDA communication link through a charging cradle (sold separately.) It runs a low-level firmware, typically called the "OS", and on top of that it runs an application, which essentially drives the behavior of the device. The application can be customized in order to change the behavior of the OPL9725-OSE, using Opticon's Software development Kit (SDK): see C-Library Kit and the RX Compiler (which is provided in the SDK). This allows end-users to create custom applications modeled around their bar code-driven processes, making the OPL9725-OSE a simple and flexible solution for many business needs. The user may also download and use the Demo Application found in the software section below.

The OPL9725-OSE is used in combination with a cradle (typically CRD9723) in order to charge the OPL9725-OSE's removable battery, transfer data serially to a host (using plain ASCII, XModem, or Opticon's OSEComm or NetO - depending on the application downloaded), and load new OS revisions and applications (using Opticon's Appload utility).


Document Description Version Download
User Manual: Application This is the User Manual for the USA Standard Demo (pre-loaded from our warehouse on all OPL9725 units). LFBP0510 Download
Menu Codes: For XFQP003x NetO App. This is sheet of scan-able menu codes to put the unit into different configuration modes. You'll want this if you are using the XFQP003x application program. Download
Universal Menu Book The Universal Menu Book is a document containing instructions and configuration options for the majority of Opticon's products. Support of the commands in this manual is product specific. A must read for System Integrators. In effect this is the User Manual for all of Opticon's products that do not have a User Manual of their own and a supplement to all others. December 2009 Download


Software Description Version Download
Appload Appload Is Opticon's multi-purpose firmware update utility. It is a Windows PC application that provides the capability to download firmware onto most Opticon products. It also contains a versatile terminal interface that allows serial communication to any serial port connected to the PC (be it RS232, USB-VCP or Bluetooth-SPP). Opticon products can be queried and configured in this manner. EAGV0177
NetO32 A PC application implementing the NetO protocol to transfer files from the PC to the terminal barcode reader. EGF2001H ( Download
OseComm32 A PC application implementing the OseComm protocol to transfer files from the PC to the terminal bar code reader and a variety of other file-related functions. Download
Firmware: OS This is the latest Operating System firmware file for the OPL9725. XBQV0205 Download
Firmware: Application - OSEComm This is an application specially designed to work on the OPL9725-OSE's hardware. It uses the OSEComm protocol. Use this application for new projects. OSEComm is more flexible and more reliable than the older NetO protocol. XFQ38470 Download
Firmware: Application - NetO This is an application specially designed to work on the OPL9725-OSE's hardware. It uses the NetO protocol. This application demo program is backward compatible with the older OPL9725's demo application (LFBP0033). Use this application only if you can not change your host application and you need the OPL9725-OSE to be backward compatible. It has a couple of added options: you can choose to keep the stored records even after the file is downloaded. (2) you can choose between the NetO or an ASCII output protocol. (Default is NetO protocol & records are purged from the scanner after a download. XFQP0036 Download
C-Library Kit The C-Library Kit is Opticon's SDK for developing custom firmware for many of Opticon's product families (OPN, OPL97xx, OPL98xx, OPH, etc.). Included find sample code, full application samples, library files, documentation, compilers for certain products and more. This download is a zipped collection of the installer and associated files. The Toshiba C Compiler requires a separate download which is located here 2.38 Download
Renesas RX compiler This is the compiler for developing Applications for the OPL9725-OSE. (This compiler is also contained in the C-Library kit, so no need to download it separately unless you require it). Download


Drivers Description Version Download
All-In-One PC Drivers USB-to-serial drivers installer package for 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows XP (32-bit only), Vista 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. This package contains four drivers. The first and fourth drivers are for the Opticon cradles. The second driver is for the OPN200x scanners along with many other Opticon products. The third driver is an ATEN driver for a popular RS232 <-> USB-VCP adapter. You can choose any of the drivers to install on the first screen of the installer program. *Note: Opticon USB Drivers may not install or operate correctly if FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) is enabled on your host computer* 1.615 Download