ESL Server

The Opticon ESL Server Software will monitor and control all your ESLs and base stations automatically, therefore saving you precious time that can be spent elsewhere.

Currently we provide both a Windows GUI software application and also a browser based web application.


Server Diagram Description Platform Template Editor Default Database ODBC Support User Profiles REST API
ESL Web Server esl server sw dashboard.png Browser based web application that allows you to manage and control ESL tags.

Provides option to enable multiple user profiles with granular control.
Separate download MySQL No Yes Yes
ESL Server win10 esl server sw.png Windows only software application that allows you to manage and control ESL tags.

Can be run as GUI software application or as a service.
Windows Built In Hybrid
(Uses CSV and MySQL)
Yes No Yes


Both of these software programs will connect the ESLs through a base station to a database for price processing and product changes.

This will make sure that all content shown on the displays is up to date.

This information exchange is logged and viewable for remote monitoring.

ESL Server Software

Information about the esl server software is located here: ESL Server

ESL Web Server Software

This software is free and runs on both Windows and Linux.

Information about the ESL Web Server software is located here:ESL_Web_Server


Display Radio Protocol Multi-Color Support
E-Paper display IEE-802.15.4 Black
Model Battery Number of dots Pixel resolution Dimensions Data sheet Declaration of Conformaty Specification Manual
ee153r.pngEE-153R 1x CR2450 152 x 152 140 dpi 48.4 x 42.2 x 11.5 mm EE-153R_11.2020 EE153R-DoC EE153R-REV_2
ee213r.pngEE-213R 2x CR2450 212 x 104 112 dpi 69.9 x 34.7 x 11.5 mm
EE-213R_05.2020 N/A EE213R-REV_2
ee293r.pngEE-293R 2x CR2450 296 x 128 112 dpi 92.3 x 42.2 x 11.5 mm EE-293R_11.2020 EE293R-DoC EE293R-REV_2
ee420r.pngEE-420R 2x AAA 400 x 300 120 dpi 101.0 x 93.0 x 16.0 mm EE-420R_04.2019 EE420R-DoC N/A
ee750r.pngEE-750R 4x AAA 640 x 384 100 dpi 180.0 x 126.0 x 16.0 mm EE-750R_04.2019 EE750R-DoC N/A


Name Details Type Version Download Link
EBS-40 Data Sheet Contains technical specs on the EBS-40 base station PDF EBS-40_04.2019 Download
Mounting and Accessories Contains information on the various mounting items for the ESL Tags.
Consult your local sales rep for assistance and ordering
PDF N/A Download

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