Opticonfigure is an online version of our printed Universal Menu Book. It can be used to create custom and condensed printouts of your desired settings for quick reference and scanner setup. Opticonfigure includes many more configuration items than are listed in the printed Universal Menu Book. Click here for the online web link to Opticonfigure.

Data Output Formatting:

Data Wizard

Some older versions of Opticon scanners support configurable data output formatting using a set of special menu codes called the Data Wizard set. Click here for more info on Data Wizard. With Data Wizard configurations, the data output from a decoded bar code can be altered by the scanner prior to its output to a host device. Most Opticon scanners support up to three simultaneous Data Wizard configurations, and some scanners support even more.

Data Edit

Many of Opticon's newer scanners support an Advanced Data Output Formatting scripting language called "Data Edit". With Data Edit, the user has a more advanced way to qualify the code type and output the data from a decoded bar code to a more desired output format. Click here for more info on Data Edit. Some features of Data Edit are the following:

  • Any one program can search for up to 16 individual codes at one trigger (read cycle)
  • Up to four simultaneous Data Edit script programs may be acted upon.
  • Each Data Edit script program can be enabled or disabled by a simple menu code.