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Scan engine inside

The OPN3002i Bluetooth Companion Scanner (2D Imager) enables real-time barcode scanning into any Bluetooth ready device including Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows.

The OPN3002i is the 2D cousin of the OPN2006.


  • The OPN3002i is certified as a MFi device (Made For iDevices) https://developer.apple.com/programs/mfi/
  • The OPN3002i Does NOT have an application layer, so there is no Opticon SDK development software for the OPN device itself. However, we do have SDKs to build an application on an Android or iOS host device.
  • The OPN3002i can support added characters to the data such as Time & Date stamping or changes to the prefix & suffix of the data.
  • The OPN3002i does NOT have Data Wizard but can support Data Edit capabilities.
  • The developer may however create their own iPhone/iPad like program (similar to our AppStore downloadable OPNTerm program)
    • To do that, the developer must download & use Apple’s XCode platform: https://developer.apple.com/xcode/
    • The SDK document instructions & SDK-Bluetooth framework should help a MFi developer with the OPN3002i specific information.

Data Wizard / Data Edit

Data Wizard and Data Edit capabilities are not currently supported as a standard feature in the OPN3002i or OPN2002i products.

However, if data qualifying or data output manipulation is required, please contact our technical support group with your requirements and we may be able to provide a solution.


To restore to factory defaults or in case the device is not responding, there is a feature that will allow a reset of the OPN3002i. To perform a reset, hold down both buttons (clear/function and scan) for 10 seconds or until the scanner flashes red and chirps. This will reset the device and clear past pairing information. Once reset the pairing process will need to be performed to reconnect the OPN3002i to your device or computer.

Firmware Loading

Follow the directions below to load firmware onto the OPN-3002i.


  1. Download the Firmware: OS, and Appload for this process available in the Software Downloads section. You may also need Opticon's USB Drivers, so please download those as well.
  2. Extract the OPN-3002i OS zip file, the Appload.zip file, and the USB Drivers Installer.zip file - Files into a convenient folder.
  3. Install the USB Drivers Installer by double-clicking the USB Drivers Installer.exe, which will start the install wizard. The default settings for the installer are fine in most cases so press Install, then ok until you are finished.
  4. Install Appload by double-clicking the 'Appload Setup.exe' file, which will start the install wizard. The defaults are fine in most cases, so keep clicking 'Next' until you are finished. Appload will launch at the end of the install process.
  5. On the Quickstart guide available in the Document Downloads section. Scan the 'Bluetooth' - 'SPP' barcode followed by the 'USB Data' - 'Enable' to allow USB communications in the scanner
  6. Connect the OPN3002i to your PC

Install the Firmware

  1. Launch Appload if it is not already running.
  2. We first need to choose the correct COM port. From the main Appload window, select 'Settings' > 'Port', then choose the port that says 'Opticon USB Code Reader'.
  3. Now we can start downloading the OS. For the Firmware: OS you downloaded and extracted above, please choose 'File', then 'Download', then navigate to and select the file. You should see a progress indicator and the words 'Initializing IRdA' if this is working.
  4. When complete the OPN-3002i will emit a series of beeps and reboot. When the LED is steady RED (indicating charging) or GREEN (indicating fully charged) the process is complete and you may disconnect your OPN-3002i from the PC.

Application Programs

The OPN3002i product does not supported a software application layer like other OPN devices. The PX-20 is a 2D companion reader that does support an Application layer, however it is not MFi connection capable.

Date and Time

The date and time may be added to the output of the OPN3002i by setting the code $TM as a suffix using this configuration sheet

Batch Mode

Batch mode will be enabled when the device is no longer connected via bluetooth.

However, once reconnected, the data will begin streaming immediately. It is recommended that you have a text editor or application open, assuming the OPN3002 is in BT-HID mode, so that the data has somewhere to go. To cause the OPN3002i to wait for a button press before streaming, scan this configuration sheet.

To sever the Bluetooth connection, hold down the trigger/scan button until you hear a disconnect tone (or scan the "Manual Disconnect" scan code '+-DISC-+' - See the Universal Menu Book for the menu scan code symbols) -- This action just disconnects from the current Bluetooth host computer until it has something else to send.

To keep from auto-connecting after a regular symbol scan, scan the menu code to disable the Bluetooth auto-connect 'DIAU'. otherwise, the device will try to re-connect to the Bluetooth device after any normal scan.

NOW: scan all bar codes into storage.

When your application is open and ready in your host and you are in-range, scan the auto-connect menu code 'ENAU' or just hold down the trigger/scan button until you see the blue LED indicator flash - it should re-connect to the last paired device AND:

  • If configured for HID mode - it will dump the data into the open application, like a keyboard entry.
  • If in SPP mode, it will dump the data into the computer's appropriate COM port.
  • If in MFi mode, it will dump the data into the appropriate iOS application program.


Notice: The downloading and use of any Opticon software implies consent with Opticon's End User License Agreement.


Document Description Version Download
Quick Start Guide - Bluetooth This Quick Start Guide is ideal for those who will be pairing their OPN3002i via Bluetooth. See the Upgrade instructions on this page for details on how to update your unit. Download
Datasheet Technical details at a glance. Download
Specification Manual This document provides detailed specifications for the OPN3002i. For advanced users and system integrators only. Download
iOS toggle Menu Codes This document contains the two barcodes necessary to enable/disable the keyboard toggle feature when paired with Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.). Download
OPN3002i Default Barcodes This document contains several barcodes to place the device into various functional and configuration modes. Download
iOS/iDevice SDK Help Guide This manual is for the iDevice developer (utilizing XCode) with specific information related to the setup of the platform and also provides certain specifics of the OPN3002i Bluetooth interaction. Ed. 1.1 Download
Command Reference Guide This document contains a comprehensive list of all the serial commands used in the OPN2002i/OPN3002i devices. The purpose of this document is to aid the development of applications that utilize the OPN2002i and OPN3002i data collectors. For details regarding device use or technical information necessary for developing applications, please refer to reference documents that cover those subjects. 1.0 Download
MFi Mobile Order form This form is a MS Word document for the iDevice developer who has obtained a "Bundle Seed ID" via the Apple provisioning portal. The developer must fill out this form and send back to Opticon support. Opticon will in turn add the information to the product plan and return a vendor "Product Plan ID" number. Then the developer may submit their application to the AppStore. --- Form
MFi Mobile Order sample form This is a sample of the form listed above. This should help the developer in how to fill out the "Mobile Order" form. --- Sample PDF
Universal Menu Book The Universal Menu Book is a document containing instructions and configuration options for the majority of Opticon's products. Support of the commands in this manual is product specific. A must read for System Integrators. In effect this is the User Manual for all of Opticon's products that do not have a User Manual of their own and a supplement to all others. December 2009 Download


Software Description Version Download
Appload Appload Is Opticon's multi-purpose firmware update utility. It is a Windows PC application that provides the capability to download firmware onto most Opticon products. It also contains a versatile terminal interface that allows serial communication to any serial port connected to the PC (be it RS232, USB-VCP or Bluetooth-SPP). Opticon products can be queried and configured in this manner. EAGV0183
Firmware: OS This is the Operating System firmware for the OPN3002i. The program utility Appload (see above) is required for loading the OS onto the OPN3002i. TC02J07 Download
OPN iOS SDK framework This SDK contains an example application and the OPNBluetoothKit.framework for the OPN2002i/OPN3002i devices. The purpose of this SDK is to quickly aid in the development of applications that utilize the OPN2002i and OPN3002i data collectors. This SDK is not released to the general public, but is released by request only 1.0 Contact Us
OPN Android SDK This SDK contains an example application and the bluetoothservice.jar for the OPN2002i/OPN3002i devices. The purpose of this SDK is to quickly aid in the development of applications that utilize the OPN2002i and OPN3002i data collectors. 20151216 Download


Driver Description Version Download
All-In-One PC Drivers USB-to-serial drivers installer package for 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows XP (32-bit only), Vista 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. This package contains four drivers. The first and fourth drivers are for the Opticon cradles. The second driver is for the OPN200x scanners along with many other Opticon products. The third driver is an ATEN driver for a popular RS232 <-> USB-VCP adapter. You can choose any of the drivers to install on the first screen of the installer program. *Note: Opticon USB Drivers may not install or operate correctly if FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) is enabled on your host computer* 1.615 Download

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