TheOPL2724 transfers data to the host via bluetooth SPP. When using bluetooth SPP there has to be an application on the host device to receive the data and do something with it, for example OpticonRL can take the serial data and emulate a keyboard stroke.


This scanner uses wireless barcode technology. Scanned data is transferred to the designated device via wireless communication (Bluetooth V1.2). Short-wavelength red laser beams enhance the visibility of scanning lines for easier aiming under adverse lighting conditions. To start a scan, press the trigger switch. Do not allow the scanner to directly touch the surface of a barcode when scanning. Code options, read options, and communication settings can be configured by sending commands or by reading barcode labels. If the OPL 2724 is disconnected because it is out of range or the Bluetooth device is not available, scanned data will be saved in the built-in scanner memory. The OPL 2724 uses two AAA alkaline batteries as its power supply.


When pairing to a PC, if a program is not accessing the COM port (such as OpticonRL toggle ON) the device will not pair. The device pairs perfectly if such a program has the COM port open when pairing is initiated.

Supported symbologies:

Linear (1D)

JAN/UPC/EAN, incl. add-on Codabar/NW-7 Code 11 Code 39
Code 93 Code 128 GS1-128 (EAN-128) GS1 Databar (RSS) IATA Industrial 2of5 Interleaved 2of5 ISBN-ISMN-ISSN Matrix 2of5 MSI/Plessey S-Code T elepen Tri-Optic UK/Plessey


Chinese Post Korean Postal Authority Code

Physical Features


W 96 x D 40 x H 22 mm


50 g max. (excluding the weight of the battery)


Off white

Operating Temperature and Humidity

Temperature: -5 to 50 °C Humidity: 30 to 80%

Storage Temperature and Humidity

Temperature: -10 to 60 °C Humidity: 20 to 90%


Notice: The downloading and use of any Opticon software implies consent with Opticon's End User License Agreement.


Document Description Version Download
Specification Manual This document provides detailed specifications for the OPL2724. Download
Android Bluetooth Guide for the OPN2002 and the OPL2724 This document details how to use the OPL2724 with your android device. Download
Quick Setup Barcodes This document contains barcodes for use in configuring your OPL-2724 to connect with the vast majority of devices in existence. Download
Universal Menu Book The Universal Menu Book is a document containing instructions and configuration options for the majority of Opticon's products. Support of the commands in this manual is product specific. A must read for System Integrators. In effect this is the User Manual for all of Opticon's products that do not have a User Manual of their own and a supplement to all others. December 2009 Download


Software Description Version Download
Appload Appload is Opticon's multi-purpose utility for installing firmware onto devices such as the OPL9714. Currently Windows only. Download
Firmware: OS This is the latest Operating System file for the OPL2724. LBQV0137 Download


Driver Description Version Download
All-In-One PC Drivers USB-to-serial drivers installer package for 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows XP (32-bit only), Vista 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. This package contains four drivers. The first and fourth drivers are for the Opticon cradles. The second driver is for the OPN200x scanners along with many other Opticon products. The third driver is an ATEN driver for a popular RS232 <-> USB-VCP adapter. You can choose any of the drivers to install on the first screen of the installer program. *Note: Opticon USB Drivers may not install or operate correctly if FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) is enabled on your host computer* 1.615 Download