OCR = Optical Character Recognition

OCR font decoding is possible in some readers. OCR interprets pixel images to represent letters and numbers. If the printing is bad, or the image captured is too small, it may interpret letters incorrectly, like a 'W' may look like a 'U' or a 'V'. To add to the robustness, you may utilize an extra check digit. OCR decoding needs to also know the specific number of characters it will be decoding.

Only Imager product models (and not laser nor linear CCD models) will possibly have OCR capability, and not all imager based products have this capability. Use the newer model readers for better results, such as the OPI3201. Only OCR-A & OCR-B is possible.

The MDI3x00 and MDI4x00 based modules and scanner families only decode OCR-B and they only decode specific documents with known character counts. Their command set is different than the linked OCR document below. See the MDI3x00 or MDI4x00 Serial Interface Manual for these commands.

 Evaluate & Test the reader first before purchasing to see if it meets your needs.

With the OCR function enable, you must also specify the format of what you are attempting to read, such as a 5-digit number: [BJG$D$D$D$D$D[BJH or [BJG$DQ5[BJH

or for a 4-character word: [BJG$C$C$C$C[BJH or [BJG$CQ4)

(use a direct input letter "d" = $D for digits, use a direct input letter "c" = $C for alpha characters - see table 2 in the OCR document for format types).


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Document Downloads

Document Description Download
OCR Fonts Font files for OCR-A & OCR-B Fonts.zip
OCR Document Document of OCR Commands Document