LHA7127 Mini High Speed (700 scan/s) CCD Fixed Position Scanner

LHA7126/LHA7127 Fixed Position Scanners are miniature, 700 scan per second, bar code readers designed to be easily incorporated into host equipment. CCD scanning technology features 100% solid state design with absolutely no moving parts. Durability and reliability are assured. Advanced 32-bit microprocessor technology coupled with Opticon’s proven decoding algorithms result in high speed operation with superior accuracy. The scanners are fully programmable allowing the user to customize parameters including changing communication settings, selecting symbologies, adding prefixes and appending suffixes. Programmable settings can be downloaded from the host CPU or computer directly to the scanner. The LHA7126/LHA7127 scanners are encased in compact, rugged steel enclosures. The compact size permits installation in the tightest areas. Scanners are available in both front and side view configurations allowing great flexibility in mounting and positioning the scanner for optimum performance.

Current Fixed Mount CCD Scanner Comparison Table

USA product family JPN Scan Speed View Pulse Rate
NFT2100 LHA2107 200Scans/s Front View Depends on Model
NFT2200 LHA2106 200Scans/s Side View Depends on Model
NFT7375 LHA7127 700Scans/s Front View Fast Pulsed
NFT7375 LHA7126 700Scans/s Side View Fast Pulsed


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Document Description Version Download
LHA7127 Data Sheet Technical details at a glance. Download
LHA7127 Users Manual This document provides instructions for using the LHA7127. Download
Universal Menu Book The Universal Menu Book is a document containing instructions and configuration options for the majority of Opticon's products. Support of the commands in this manual is product specific. A must read for System Integrators. In effect this is the User Manual for all of Opticon's products that do not have a User Manual of their own and a supplement to all others. December 2009 Download