The Opticon MSL2001 is a small form factor undecoded laser barcode scan engine. This low-profile scan engine is ideal for custom scanning applications including scanning non-standard barcodes. The MSL2001 is a fit for security systems, mobile devices, medical or diagnostic equipment or kiosks. This small form factor scan engine features a 650 nm visible laser diode that scans bi-directionally at a rate of 100 scans/second.

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Datasheet Technical details at a glance. Download
Universal Menu Book The Universal Menu Book is a document containing instructions and configuration options for the majority of Opticon's products. Support of the commands in this manual is product specific. A must read for System Integrators. In effect this is the User Manual for all of Opticon's products that do not have a User Manual of their own and a supplement to all others. December 2009 Download