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OPL9728 in cradle

The OPL9728 is one of Opticon's best selling products. This mobile data collecting mini-computer comes pre-loaded with inventory collection software (manual below) but can also be customized with firmware developed by the end user, a reseller or Opticon directly.

  • OPL9728 Datasheet - Datasheets are short documents that detail the product specifications as well as the benefits and features of the device.
  • Product Family User Guide - This user manual details the general usage of all OPL97xx family devices, which have common usage characteristics.
  • Application Manual - LFBP051x - This user manual is specific to the inventory collection software found on an OPL9728 device.
  • OPL9728 Operating System Firmware - The latest version of the OS firmware for the OPL9728.
  • OPL9728 Inventory Firmware LFBP051x - This firmware is the default used on all OPL9728 devices. It comes pre-loaded by the factory.
  • Appload - Appload is a PC application used to load firmware onto an OPL9728 (and many other Opticon products).
  • NetO32 - NetO is a communications protocol used to transfer data between a PC and an Opticon product such as the OPL9728. NetO32 is the PC side software portion of this protocol. This application must be installed on the PC the OPL9728 cradle is attached to for successful communication of scanned data.
  • USB Drivers - This package will install all Opticon USB drivers. The cradle drivers (CRD) specifically are necessary to install the OPL9728 cradle which is necessary for communication to the attached PC.
  • OpticonRL - This PC application acts as a wedge between incoming serial port data (such as that coming from the OPL9728 and cradle) into key strokes as if the data has been typed by a keyboard. Rather than using NetO32 to transfer the data as a whole file the data is transferred line by line into whatever program has the blinking cursor at the time.
  • C Library Kit - This package is the SDK needed to develop custom firmware that runs on an OPL9728 device. Note that a compiler produced by Toshiba (model Toshiba TLCS-900 Family SW96CN0-ZCC) is also necessary to compile SDK source code into firmware ready for the OPL9728. The SDK is a free download though this compiler is purchased separately.
  • For setup instructions, additional downloads or further information please see the full OPL9728 article here.
  • For technical support or additional assistance please visit us here.