The DCL1530 and DCL1531 are nearly identical to our OPL97xx series of terminals. Specific differences include the following list.

  • Uses alkaline batteries rather than Lithium Ion.
  • Has a USB port directly on the unit for firmware loading and download of data. Because of this the device does not need the cradle normally required by other OPL97xx devices. The device will transmit data via the cradle if it is available however.

Download Data

All of Opticon's Demo Applications for the DCL1531 support downloading of data through Opticon's proprietary protocol called NetO (Net-Oh). As with all communications there are two sides. In this case these are the terminal (the DCL1531) and the host (usually a PC). This section covers setting up and using such a communication channel.

Setting Up the Host

To use NetO communications on a PC you need an application called NetO32. This can be downloaded from the Downloads table at the bottom of this page. Simply run the installer after download is complete and follow the setup instructions here.

  • Select 'Tools' > 'Options'
    • Choose RS232 from the menu at left
      • Choose the COM port for your cradle (COM 1 if using RS232, check Device Manager for USB ['Start' > 'Run' > 'devmgmt.msc' > click 'OK' and look under the 'Ports' section])
      • Change Baudrate to 115200
      • Change IrDA Device to 'None'
    • Choose 'Download' from the menu at left
      • Click the 'browse' folder icon at right to change the destination folder of the file once you have downloaded it.
      • Choose between 'Append', 'Overwrite', and 'Unique' to determine what happens when you download a data file but a file by that same name is already present.
    • Click 'OK'
  • Select 'File' > 'Save As'
    • Choose a file name appropriate for you (such as your name or your company's name) to save the settings you just changed.
    • Now every time after this that you open NetO32 you must select 'File' > 'Open' and choose this file to load your settings.
  • Select 'Protocol' > 'Start'

NetO32 is now in 'Polling' mode. Note that you should see the yellow light on the cradle blinking steadily. This means it will sit here indefinitely sending queries to the cradle and waiting for the right response to start a download. Multiple downloads can all be done without ever closing NetO32. When you are done using NetO32 simply select 'Protocol' > 'Stop' and NetO32 will discontinue polling mode. The application can then be closed.

Starting the Upload from your DCL1531

After NetO32 is in Polling mode (see above) follow these steps. First, of course, it is expected that you will have scanned some barcodes using the DCL1531.

  • Select 'Send Data' from the main menu (use the arrow keys to move up and down and trigger (center key) to select an option.
  • The screen that appears should say "Transmit Data via Cradle NETO Protocol -PRESS ANY KEY-'. Press any key.
  • The unit will change to say 'Sending File Waiting NetO Connection ...'. At this point simply place the unit on the cradle.
  • The DCL1531 will emit a series of short beeps and display 'File Was Sent. Delete Data File?'. Choose either YES or NO by pressing the appropriate arrow button below the display. The unit will now be back at the startup splash screen.
  • Your Data File is now on the PC in the folder specified previously.

Loading Firmware

The DCL1531 is basically a mini computer. As such it has an Operating System and runs Applications (one at a time, loading one application erases the previous one). The process for loading either the OS or an Application file is the same for both and so the instructions for either are combined here. Opticon always provides updates to the OS (see the Downloads table at the bottom of the page). Opticon also provides free Applications for use on the DCL1531 though it is also common for independent software vendors or resellers to develop their own software for use on the DCL1531 (this is especially true if the company also provides PC side software). Applications made by Opticon are available at the Downloads table at the bottom of the page (with the exception of software made custom by contract which is provided in other ways to the purchaser). Applications made by a third party must be retrieved from said party.

Download Files

You will need a few files to update your DCL1531. All of these files can be found in the Downloads table at the bottom of the page.

  • USB Cradle Drivers
  • Firmware: OS
  • Firmware: Application
  • Appload

Install and Configure Appload

Appload is a PC application that we use to load firmware on most of Opticon's devices. Once it is installed (by running the installer found in the Downloads table at the bottom of the page) it will launch automatically. Change the options 'Settings' > 'Port' to match the COM port of either the USB or RS232 interface (whichever was used). You may also need to change 'Settings' > 'IrDA Adapter/cradle type' to be 'Not Installed'.

Load the Firmware

Once appload is installed and configured you need to simply place the unit on the cradle then select 'File' > 'Download' from the Appload menu and browse to the firmware file you wish to load. Note that if you must upgrade the OS as well as an Application you will need to follow this step twice.


The downloading and use of any Opticon software implies consent with Opticon's End User License Agreement.


Software Description Download
Appload Appload is Opticon's multi-purpose utility for installing firmware onto devices such as the OPL9728. Currently Windows only. Download
NetO32 NetO32 is an application that is used to download data from a few of Opticon's devices. Data is downloaded in whole file format exactly as it is stored on the device it is being uploaded from. Download
Firmware: OS This is the latest Operating System firmware file for the DCL1531. Download
Firmware: Application - USA Standard Demo This is the standard application running on all DCL1531's from our warehouse. It supports a large variety of barcode symbologies (which ones are configurable). Data is stored as a database including the barcode data scanned, the number of times that barcode has been scanned (with optional user quantity input) and the date and time the last entry was updated). Note that when data is viewed on the PC there is significant white space after the barcode data before you will see the quantity and time stamp information due to the nature of the database schema. It would be necessary to scroll to the right to see this extra information. Download


Platform Description Download
All In One Installer Package USB-to-serial drivers installer package for both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows XP (32 bit only), Vista, and 7. This package contains two drivers. The first driver is for the OPN-200x as well as many of Opticon's other products. The second driver is for Opticon's cradles and a few other products. You can choose any of the drivers to install on the first screen of the installer program. Download