Universal Config Tool 2D

The Universal Menu Tool 2D has now been renamed the Universal Config Utility.

The "Universal Config" Utility is Opticon's Windows-based application that performs utility functions such as firmware loading on the MDI3x00 and MDI4x00 imager scan engine based products, such as:

It also provides a communication terminal window, configuration functions, picture capture & downloading, and Data Edit Programming capabilities.


Inside the zip file is an installer. Simply run this installer and answer the questions posed. When the installer is complete the program will launch automatically.

Note: On Windows 7 you may receive a pop-up message at some time in the future that asks whether the program was installed successfully. Simply answer yes and you should not see this warning again.

Software Description Version Download
Universal Config Tool 2D v2.06
  • Modern PC Application for use with 2D imager modules & scanner products
| Release Notes:
  • 1) Added Waveform Acquisition Application(F-100 only).
  • 2) Added "Initialize" and "Prohibited" checkboxes in the numeric input dialogs.
  • 3) Changed prefix / suffix setting screen.
  • 4) Added an apply button to the dialog of the indicator(Buzzer, StatusLED, Vibrator, Slient Mode).
  • 6) Changed of GS1 conversion tool.
  • 5) Added OPN item to the interface.
  • 7) Changed to always insert tabs next to Communication Log.
  • 8) Minor bug fixes.
2.06 Download

Previous Version Description Version Download
Universal Config Tool 2D v2.05 Release Notes:
  • 1) Added FW download function of 1D module and 1D scanner.
  • 2) Added address bar code function for Bluetooth connection of data collector.
  • 3) Added function to copy 1D menu code to clipboard by right click.
  • 4) Added fonts which can be selected with FreeLineOCR function. (Fonts other than OCR-B and OCR-A are optional.)
  • 5) Minor bug fixes.
2.05 Download