MVI2300 2D CMOS Machine Vision Imager (Discontinued)

The Opticon MVI2300 Machine Vision Imager converts images into human-readable data, and is excellent for use in clinical, laboratory and industrial automation applications. The 2D CMOS MVI2300 is programmable to read task, and customer-specific symbologies. It self-calibrates within a given host instrument in order to ensure accurate alignment. The MVI2300 can read multiple targets in the same image, or processes targets individually in separate images in a predetermined order.

User-definable maximum time-to-perform setting allows for optimal processing flow. The MVI2300 Machine Vision Imager performs shape detection to identify test tube types, sample cups, and other targets, based on predefined image libraries. The MVI2300 incorporates the ability to read barcode labels on test tubes, reagent containers, microplates, sample racks, and other Work-In-Process items.

The MVI2300 Machine Vision Imager is based on the MDI2300 OEM scan module.