Data Edit

"Data Edit" is the replacement programming script for output formatting for newer 2D-imager scan engines (Gen 3, 4, 5 & newer) like the: MDI3xxx, MDI4xxx, MDI5xxx. Data Editing is much more powerful than "Data Wizard" and the format is based on regular expressions type of script programming language.

Opticon’s DataEdit™ (Data Editing) gives the end user the capability to qualify, extract and/or manipulate the decoded data string from a bar code’s default output into a more desired format that the end user can use. The scanner can have upto four (4) Data Edit programs active and are tested in sequence to see if the bar code just decoded qualifies. If it does qualify, it continues the Data Edit program, if it does not qualify, it will skip that Data Edit program and go to test the next Data Edit program in the sequence #1-2-3, then #4 if programmed. If the scanned barcode does not qualify, then the data outputs as normal.

There are two parts to each Data Edit program: a Cut Script and a Paste Script.

CUT SCRIPT: The cut script is used to qualify (specific code symbology and perhaps a specific format), and group specific sections of a barcode into separate data buffers to be used by the next section, the "Paste Script". If the barcode does not qualify

PASTE SCRIPT: The paste script is used to output, add to, manipulate or delete the individual data buffers (obtained by the Cut Script) so-as to format the output into a user desired new form of the original scanned data.


There is specific programming to make it easy to identify Article Identifiers in GS1 codes. They can then be easily formatted and output.


There is specific programming to make it easy to output OCR data.

Data Edit Sample Programs

PRG # Title(s) Description
PRG0001 C128: Output last 12 of 34 chars Outputs the last 12 characters of a 34 character code. Only works if the code is type C128 & the code contains 34 characters.
PRG0002 UPC: Output inner 10 chars UPC codes are 12 characters, this program strips the first and last character and outputs the inner 10 characters. Only works if the code is type UPC & the code contains 12 characters.
PRG0005 QR: Output the last 15 chars This program looks for a QR code that is 15 characters or more and it will only output the last 15 characters of the code.
PRG0007 DM: Output after 3rd Semicolon This program looks for a Data Matrix code and it looks for semicolons ';' within the data. It will then output all the data contained after the 3rd semicolon.

More Info

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