Version Differences for OPR3201

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  See [ Here] for general information about the OPR3201.    See [ Here] for general information about the OPR3201. 
    + ==How To==  
    + ===Restore Default Settings===  
    + This scanner can be restored to it's default settings by scanning the appropriate Menu Command barcode sheet for your particular interface type.  
    + USB COM Port: Use this sheet if you have a USB interface and you are running software which requires a COM port to receive data from the scanner.  
    + USB Keyboard: Use this sheet if you have a USB interface and you would like the flexibility of scanning wherever your keyboard cursor is on your screen.  
    + RS232: Use this sheet if you have an RS232 interface.  
    + Keyboard Wedge: Use this sheet if you have a Keyboard Wedge interface. Do not scan this sheet if you have a USB or RS232 interface.\  
    + ===Configure the Scanner===  
    + The output of this barcode reader can be modified in several different manners. Using several different tools. The following tools are available for you to use in configuring your scanner. Please submit a ticket above for assistance from Opticon's Technical Support Team.  
    + ====[[Universal Menu Book]]====  
    + The [[Universal Menu Book]] (UMB) is a PDF document that enabled you to change the most commonly changed settings on Opticon's scanners. The UMB also contains information about what the various settings do when they are enabled. The UMB covers the following topics.  
    + * Interface Specific Settings  
    + * Code Opticons  
    + ** Barcode Symbology Settings  
    + ** Enabling/Disabling Symbologies  
    + * String Options  
    + ** Prefixes / Suffixes  
    + ** Preambles / Postambles  
    + * Read Options- Adjusting General Behaviors like:  
    + ** Disable Trigger (Always On)  
    + ** Single Read Mode / Multiple Read Mode  
    + * Indicator Opticons  
    + ** Buzzer Settings  
    + ** LED Settings  
    + ====Opticonfigure====  
    + Opticonfigure serves primarily as a an online searchable Universal Menu Book (UMB), however it does have some notable differences. Opticonfigure is updated more frequently than the UMB. Opticonfigure also contains some menu options that were excluded from the UMB for the sake of brevity. Although more inclusive, Opticonfigure doesn't do as good of presenting information in an organized and comprehensible manner as the UMB does.  
    + Opticonfigure allows you to:  
    + Create and print custom configuration sheets.  
    + Create custom configuration sheets and save them as PDF files.  
    + Create custom configurations and export OCG files.  
    + Create DataWizard configuration sheets.  
    + ====DataWizard====  
    + Data Wizard allows you to modify barcode data before transmission. Currently it is able to add or remove characters, adjust the length of the output data, and remove entire sections of the barcode prior to transmission. Commonly each configuration will be designed to match different sizes, symbologies, or characters in barcode data. So for example if a user wants to truncate a Code-39 barcode of a specific length, but add characters to a Code 128 barcode, you wold make two configurations.  
  ==Downloads==    ==Downloads==